Jeffrey Koch

Actor. Dancer. Singer. Voiceover Artist. Model.

I also love Wendy's, fitness, Broad City, and exploring mindfulness and meditation. If you believe that I can utilize these passions commercially as well, let me know!


"Hello, It's Me" - Adele

Bonjour! My name is Jeffrey Koch, pronounced 'coke,' like Coca-Cola. I am from the small Western Massachusetts town of Hadley, where I grew up surrounded by more cows and asparagus than you can imagine; no, really. As a youngster, I was...energetic, performing tap shows on my fireplace. Mom and Dad, being college athletics coaches, weren't entirely sure what to do with the kid picking flowers in the outfield and belting along with our VHS of The Little Mermaid every morning. Fortunately for myself, my parents, and the Little League baseball team, I found a love for theatre and dance after my stage debut in the first grade play.


This love grew to a fervent passion throughout adolescence. In middle and high school, I was most often seen in dance class, musical rehearsal, concert band performances, gymnastics workshops, or leading the marching band through the state fairgrounds as the drum major. After graduating summa cum laude from Northfield Mount Hermon School, a sincere interest in history, foreign policy, economics, and languages persisted, but I knew I had to take a chance and pursue the arts in undergrad.

In 2015, I enrolled at The Boston Conservatory, where I will be earning my BFA in Music Theatre with an emphasis in dance this coming May. At the Conservatory, I got the chance to engage with devised work, physical acting methodologies, voiceover techniques, directing, choreographing, movement directing, and community outreach, which have shaped a well-rounded, efficient, multi-faceted, and engaging aesthetic and skill-set.

Between semesters, I got the chance to perform in West Side Story (Baby John), Chicago (Fred Casely, dance captain), and The Drowsy Chaperone at Santa Rosa Summer Repertory Theatre; and Mame at North Shore Music Theatre, directed by Charles Repole and choreographed by Michael Lichtefeld. I am extremely proud of these opportunities; they taught how my passion translates to a work environment, showed me that this profession can bring me to beautiful parts of this world that I would never see otherwise, and gave me the opportunity to begin building a friendship network of inspiring actors, designers, stage managers, and theatre-makers.

Following showcase and graduation, I cannot wait to join this social group I have only just begun to find in New York City. But first, I am honored to announce that I will be performing in the ensembles of GreaseOklahoma!Peter Pan, and Rock of Ages at Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera this June and July! This new adventure will be the perfect way to begin my post-graduate journey. After Pittsburgh, in August, I will make the move to New York, where I will continue to pursue a career as an actor, voiceover artist, model, fitness enthusiast, Wendy's consumer, etc.

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